The Happy Reader - Issue N°15 Autumn 2020

The Happy Reader - Issue N°15 Autumn 2020

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Beaches, books and juniper berries: this season’s cover star SARAH JESSICA PARKER is photographed by Roe Etheridge in Amaganesett, Long Island

Our Book of the Season, JAPANESE GHOST STORIES, is centre of gravity to a series of hallucinatory artworks; correspondents around the world compile an obsessive yet fragmentary portrait of the book’s odd author, Lafcadio Hearn. Contributors include Lieko Shiga, John Self, Travis Elborough, Bess Lovejoy and Moeko Fujii.


  • To be seen
  • Snippets
  • The Interview : SARAH JESSICA PARKER by Paul Flynn —‘I will do anything to not finish a book.
  • Staff picks
  • Apparitions by Lieko Shiga—Phantasmagorical photographs
  • Born by Seb Emina —Lefkada, Ionia
  • Abandoned by John Self —Dublin, Ireland
  • Hired by Travis Elborough —Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Possessed by Bess Lovejoy —New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Resurrected by Moeko Fujii —Tokyo, Japan
  • Letters
  • An addictive tragedy
  • Issue overview

24,5 x 17 cm
66 pages

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