Inès Mélia - Candlecheese

Inès Mélia - Candlecheese

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Chandeliers en céramique produits à la main par Inès Mélia et Alma Berrow.

Exemplaires uniques, signés sur la base.

16 x 6 x 6 cm environ

Les chandeliers sont vendus séparément.

Envoyés à partir du 18 décembre

Ceramic candlecheeses handmade by Inès Mélia & Alma Berrow

Signed on the bottom.

16 x 6 x 6 cm

Sold separately

Sent from december 18th

About the candlecheeses :

"As I couldn’t paint during lockdown, the idea came to me to use day to day items like the cheese in my fridge to create these ephemeral sculptures.

I wanted to keep a trace of this particular time and art work, so I reached out to Alma to collaborate with me.

Having never met and both confined in our respective countries, this project was a surprising and exciting experience.

It was fun and even awkward at times awkward to exchange pictures, designs, shapes and textures of the different French cheeses."

Inès Mélia