Exhibition - N°16 The Edge Issue (Spring/Summer 2021)

Exhibition - N°16 The Edge Issue (Spring/Summer 2021)

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TO BE ON THE EDGE is to choose wild creativity, as opposed to dogmatism.
For its 16th issue, the magazine is looking beyond its immediate context to experiment with new stories and liberate our inner selves.

In an atmosphere where escape is quasi-impossible, it is questioning norms, seeking emancipation from the everyday.
Conceived as an exhibition space, this opuscule is trying to get us into trouble.

Through a series of fashion shoots, stories, analyses and interviews, the magazine is an out-of-the-ordinary experience.
The artistic directors Edwin Sberro and Boris Ovini, fashion director James Valeri and editor-in-chief Sophie Abriat, have brought together a diverse group of collaborators
- photographers, stylists, writers, designers, and philosophers - to explore the margins.

The magazine is thus, once again, fulfilling its mission: to scout for new talents, to offer creatives carte blanche, and to act as a crucible for cultural hybridisation.

Édition spéciale par Isamaya Ffrench

Pour notre thématique "the Edge", il nous a semblé absolument naturel de proposer une carte blanche creative à Isamaya Ffrench. Make-up artist extraordinaire, creative director de Burberry Beauty, et icône moderne, elle agrémente notre edition limitée par son propre cahier dédié, et invite amis photographes, plasticiens, journalistes, au long de 24 pages très percutantes. Par la puissance des images et des témoignages, elle explore, questionne, et fait finalement voler en éclats les normes de la beauté actuelle.

Directeur Artistique: BEN DITTO

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