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JW Anderson - Disobedient Bodies

JW Anderson - Disobedient Bodies

55 EUR
The Disobedient Bodies book has been published alongside the exhibition ‘Disobedient Bodies: JW Anderson
curates The Hepworth Wakefield’ opening in March 2017. The book was made in a close collaboration between
Jonathan Anderson, Andrew Bonacina and OK-RM comprises a series of interleaved sections amassing 142
pages featuring works by Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, Constantin Brancusi, Eileen Gray, Sarah Lucas, Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Dior, Helmut Lang and many more, alongside contributions from Anderson’s own collections.

The book functions as an alternative exhibition space in which the pairings and combinations that unfold within
The Hepworth’s galleries come in to play with images from Anderson’s collaborative photographic projects
with Jamie Hawkesworth. The combinations found on these pages often mirror those from the exhibition while
many are uniquely formed in response to the specific physicality of this unique book form, offering another
opportunity to persuade these disobedient bodies into new and unexpected encounters.