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Joseph Beuys-  Grassello Ca (OH)2 + H2O. Difesa della natura.

Joseph Beuys- Grassello Ca (OH)2 + H2O. Difesa della natura.

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Grassello Ca (OH)2 + H2O : difesa della natura [Defence of Nature].
(Pescara: Lucrezia De Domizio, 1979).
First edition, this copy unsigned and unnumbered. The chemical formula in the title refers to Grassello, a traditional type of lime plaster which Beuys chose to decorate the walls of his home and the offices of the Free International University. In April 1979 he staged Operazione Grassello Pescara-Dusseldorf, in which crates containing sacks of the slaked lime were imported from Foggia and then transported from Pescara to Dusseldorf by truck. Durini photographed the materials being loaded and then leaving Pescara, and was also present at their arrival in Dusseldorf where Beuys and assistants unload the sacks. There follows a photograph of the exterior of the building where presumably the material has been applied, we then see sacks of leftover materials being deposited in an underground storage hole "