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Google, Volume 1

Google, Volume 1

95 EUR

This book contains the first Google Image for every word in the dictionary.
Google, Volume 1 has every word in the dictionary, in order, replaced by images. King Zog’s Felix Heyes and Ben West used the Oxford English Pocket Dictionary and its 21,110 words as the basis for this book of images.
The words and definitions have disappeared, replaced by each word’s first result from Google Images – the most ubiquitous and comprehensive visual identification tool on the Internet, that supposedly offers (as its founding principle) the most relevant and stimulating images to our written queries. 
Google, Volume 1 takes its name from the verb to google, officially entered into the Oxford Dictionary in June 2006, to describe information retrieval via the Internet in the broader sense.

Ouvrage hors collection issu de FOLLOW ME, Collecting Images Today, Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, 2013

1 328 pages
22 416 illustrations
Tirage unique : 1000 ex.
(En raison de son volume et de son poids, ce livre ne peut être envoyé qu'en Colissimo suivi, merci de sélectionner cette option)