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David Horvitz - Yesterday monthly subscription / Mars 2019

David Horvitz - Yesterday monthly subscription / Mars 2019

31 EUR
Yesterday is a new work by David Horvitz made specifically for librairie Yvon Lambert.
David will text a photograph to the shop, and that photograph will be sold for 1€.
Each photograph will only be available, online or in the shop, for one day.
The photographs will indicate the date, time and location the photograph was taken.
The next day a new photograph will be available.
Previous photographs will not be available.
Since David lives in Los Angeles, 8 time zones away from Paris, the photographs will usually arrive the "next day" in Paris.

Photograph printed on A4 paper with an office printer.

March 2019 monthly subscription is available. All the prints from March (not necessarily everyday) will be held and sent in the beginning of April 2019.