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Ami Sioux - From the road

Ami Sioux - From the road

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The book is curated as a collection of portraits, landscapes and abstracts shot during the photographer’s journey in New York, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Los Angeles from 2001 through 2018.

Ami Sioux is a photographer and musician who has shot for  i-D magazine, Vogue Paris and Self Service along with many other international magazines. Raised with wanderlust in her blood, Ami's youth was spent traveling across Montana, North Dakota and California and at 16 she set out on her own travels, heading to study filmmaking and sculpture in San Francisco.

Ami's path as a photographer began in the 1990s; this journey took her from New York onto Berlin and Paris, and currently she splits her time between Los Angeles and Paris. Ami's work is based on an intimacy, one that demands a certain presence of the subjects in her images. When shooting it's as if her camera dances with the subject, finding a way to reveal a hesitance or moment where the intention of each person she photographs is bared, present and alive, unveiling that elusive space between public projection and personal introspection.

She has released four personal books;  Paris 48°N in 2012, Reykjavik 64ºN and Tokyo 35ºN in January 2017. As musician she has released two full length albums: "To Take you Down" and  "Stand Your Ground" and is currently working on recording her third album. From the road is her fourth book.